Sofia Mavrogenidou - Flute, Vocals

Alfio Antico - Composer, Tamburo, Vocals

Originated from and living in Sicily, Alfio Antico is accomplished musician, composer and story teller. His music is inspired by sounds, traditons, myths and stories of Sicily and Southern Italy. He has developed a technique which bridges many styles, including the widespread tarantella. 

Collaboration of Sofia Mavrogenidou with Alfio Antico started in 2012. Having roots in Mediterranean and deeply seated love for music, both musicians inspire each other in best possible ways. The result of their vivid collaboration is rich repertoire and recordings which blend their distinctive and unique styles. Their repertoire includes original compositions of Alfio as well as songs composed and sung by Sofia. Some of the well known Greek and Italian musicians have been participating in their recordings (Dimitris Ikonomakis, Nikos Lyras, George Fakanas, Vasilis Tiggridis, George Katsanos, Tasos Fotiou, Luca Aletta, Maurizio Geri, Riccardo Tesi).


The latest artistic project of Sofia Mavrogenidou and Alfio Antico is called "Apollo's Senses", with the participation of Aristeidis Chatzistavrou (guitar & lute). The "Apollo's Senses" has been created by Alfio and inspired by his life and Greek mythology, using the shamanic origin of his drum as a link between past and present. The Greek and Sicilian language melt and create a new world that sink back in lost times. With "Apollo’s Senses" project the musicians create fairytale in music, uniting Dionysian and Apollonian side together.

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Facciuzza - Alfio Antico & Sofia Mavrogenidou