Dimitris Ikonomakis - Bass

Sofia Mavrogenidou - Flute

Giorgos Katsanos - Piano

Tasos Fotiou - Saxophone

“Apodrasi” was created in 1993, as a collective workshop of Greek musicians who wanted to experiment on various musical styles. Today, “Apodrasi” speaks the language of jazz. But it engrafts it with the melodic lyricism of classical tradition, the “minimal” rythmic patterns and the Mediterannean perfumes. The jazz improvisations of the piano, the saxophone or the vocals fuses with the contrapuntal movements of the flute and the classical guitar, creating unique musical landscape full of different pictures, unexpected arrangments and multicoloured compositions. Jazz music painted with Mediterannean impressionist colours.

Ena vlema ftani (One Gaze is Enough) 1995 - BMG
Opos I thalasa (Just Like the Sea) 1998 - LYRA (with Silvio Gualda and Savina Yanatou as guests)
Cartoon 2002 - EROS
Dialoque 2006 - MUSE



Sofia stin Exochi - Apodrasi
Sincere conversation with Mr. Augustin - Apodrasi
Thimios - Apodrasi