"​Music begins where the possibilities of language end"  Jean Sibelius

After long standing artistic career in performing music, I have started to write my own compositions recently. Composing music emerged for me somehow naturally as I started to explore new ways to express my creativity. At the same time it has been an intimate experience of bringing into the world creations which not only reflect my musical and artistic taste but also resonate with me on deeply personal level.

The beautiful thing about composing music is that it also opens doors to new collaborations and unusual encounters. It has been my great pleasure to collaborate with many talented musicians, artists and friends who have been participating in co-creating, recording and performing my music and who embarked with me on this beautiful journey.



For Piano

Passacaglia for harpsichord or piano

Al Pesto Waltz

​​Ricordi teneri (for 2 or 4 hands)






For Flute

Gioco su Tarantella for flute and piano

Waltz Triste





Italian Songs

​La Munnu

Le Lacrime


Ninna Nanna




Greek Songs





Nani Nani



​​~ Italian songs lyrics written by Alfio Antico. Guest musicians:  Alfio Antico (tamburo, vocals), Aris Chatzistavrou (guitar), Dimitris Ikonomakis (contrabass, bouzouki), Nikos Lyras (acoustic guitar), George Fakanas (bass guitar), George Katsanos (vibrandoneon), Vasilis Tiggirides (theorbo).

~ Greek songs lyrics written by Giannis Tsiaoussis. Guest musicians: Vasilis Lekkas (vocals), Morfo Tsaireli (vocals), Haig Yazdjian (oud), Christos Zerbinos (accordion), Vasilis Tiggrides (theorbo), George Katsanos (piano), Tasos Fotiou (saxophone), Aris Chatzistavrou (guitar), Dimitris Ikonomakis (contrabass).

My special thanks go Guido Borghi, a talented Italian artist and dear friend, for his original paintings used in my video recordings and music sheets.