Sofia Mavrogenidou - Flute

Aristidis Chatzistavrou - Guitar

The Duo Arioso was created in 1993 by flutist Sophia Mavrogenidou and guitarist Aristidis Chatzistavrou.


Duo has been giving many concerts, both in their home country Greece as well as abroad (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Cyprus, Egypt, Tunisia), and their rich artistic activities include also number of recordings.


Both musicians belive that „the Art is not for many or for only few ones, but for each person separately“ (Bertold Brecht). Duo chooses for its repertoire compositions with distinctive themes, gentle atmosphere, strong rhytm and lively elements from many parts of the world - from Mediterranean, through Latin America to the Europe.


Apart of original compositions, written specially for Duo Arioso, its repertoire contains also other music compositions, orchestrations, adaptations and authentic works.


The repertoire of Duo Arioso includes compositions of:


Greek composers - Nikos Tatsis, Aristidis Chatzistavrou, Kyriakos Tzotzinakis, Manos Chatzidakis and others

Spanish and Latin American composers - Granados, Barrios, Morel, Pujol, Piazzolla, Villa-Lobos, De Falla, Guastavino and others

French composers - F. Kleynjans, C. Bolling, G. Faure, F.P. Demillac, F. Poulenc and others

Czech composers - A. Dvorak, D. Martincek, M. Stedron and others

Other European composers - J. Sibelius, P. Tchaikovsky and others


There are also composers of pre-classical music period on the repertoire of Duo Arioso, such as J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, A. Corelli, G.F. Handel, P. Locatelli, H. Purcell, G. Pergolesi, G. Frescobaldi and others.

Originating from Greece, a country which has been always on the crossroad and stronly influenced by different cultures, both musicians bring in and connect at the same time various music elements in magical way, in which only flute and guitar can create together.


Apart of music Duo Arioso performs also songs.

Duo Arioso released in January 2016 new CD with title "Invisible Borders".

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Saltarello - Duo Arioso
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