A special chapter in my professional and artistic career is teaching, which I have been pursuing with great passion and love for students of all ages for almost 30 years and I continue to offer my best despite of current difficult situation in Greece.


My goal is to impart my knowledge and experience, love for good music and passion to students so they can themselves interpret music. It's my belief that everybody can interpret music. I wish that my students enter the beautiful world of music and that those who wish, can lead their studies towards gaining a degree or diploma in music. 

However, what interests me most and what drives my effort is that my students come and leave happy, filled with satisfaction and optimism for a better world through music.

My special thanks go to my beloved teacher Mrs. Bozena Ruzickova who gave me a base for becoming the person I am today.

Important part of my professional activities is co-repetition, especially within the graduation and diploma exams for guitar. For many years I have been serving as co-repetitor for wide range of concerts with guitar repertory (Vivaldi, Giulianni, Boccherini, Villa Lobos, Rodrigo, Tedesco, Ponse, Brower, Walton and others).

I teach the flute, the piano and chamber music in the Department of Classical Music of the Art Music School in Athens:

Art Music School - Odeio Technis G.B. Fakanas

Leoforos Poseidonos 3

183 44 Moschato