Sofia Mavrogenidou

Flute, Traverso Flute

Sofia Mavrogenidou was born in Brno of the Czech Republic. Her love and passion for music led her to study music, something which culminated with a flute diploma from the Musical Academy of Brno studying under Božena Ruzickova. She continued her studies in flute and chamber music in Paris, under Christian Larde.


Upon her return to Greece she started a musical journey which includes concerts in Greece and abroad, records, various collaborations with chamber music ensembles and orchestras such as the "Camerata", the ERT symphonic orchestra, the "Capella Istropolitana" as well as teaching. She has worked with important Greek and international musicians such as Sylvio Gualda, Claudio Abbado, Milos Stedron, Alfio Antico, Mikis Theodorakis, Iannis Xenakis


In 2013 she received a singing diploma with Irene Tsirakidou. She continued with other studies in musicology and baroque music, earning herself a Flute traverso diploma in 2006 from the Academy of Old Music of Masaryk University. She has a soft spot for baroque, the music of the Mediterranean as well as that of Latin America.

In recent years she has been writing and singing her own songs. She is one of the founding members of "Omadiki Apodrasi" and "Duo Arioso" and has had a prolific recording career.


Sofia is an official Yamaha artist and she plays Yamaha flute 894W & Yamaha flute 881 and Yamaha piano.





"Sofia Mavrogenidou is somebody every musician would like to collaborate with. Excellent performer with zero mistakes. Her education is precious! The flute feels lucky in her skilful hands! She is the one from the whole band who almost every time takes the spotlight. Collaborating with her for fifteen years I can confirm that she is absolute musician" - Loudovikos Ton Anogeion (musician)

"The reason I appreciate and admire Sophia Mavrogenidou as a musician is that she can play within variety of musical idioms, with such a musicality and sensitivity, something which only she can due with her unique style" - Christos Zerbinos  (musician, composer)

"Free spirited, she energetically participates in groups of early music groups, contemporary music and pioneering groups. Sofia's background comes from solid musical studies which greatly contributes to her ability to go deep into the musical codes. When referring to her personality, I feel like I am talking about complete musical reality" - Notis Mavroudis (guitarist, composer) 

"Sofia Mavrogenidou has thorough musical education with indisputable qualifications and skills which go beyond the requirements for the interpretation and the most difficult scores. Her unappeasable passion for music of any kind should be mentiond as well. As all her close collaborators know (myself included), she radiates absolute dedication, sometimes even violating basic rules of self-protection, indifferent to personal costs, which are the qualities which occurs only in truly charismatic musicians destined to offer something big in music" - Nikos Tatsis (composer)    

"I collaborate with Sofia Mavrogenidou on permanent basis in recodings and live performances. She distinguishes herself by musicality, perfect technique and excellent speed of understanding and performing musical works, regardless of genre and degree of difficulty. This places her among the leading Greek flutists. But above all, she distinguishes herself by good mood, team spirit and joy of collaboration. This makes us all better! - Dimitris Ikonomakis (musician, composer, educator) 

"I have been working with Sofia Mafrogenidou for about fifteen years. During this period of time she performs the tasks with high responsibility, artistic sensitivity, team spirit and educational commitment. She is an integral and very important member of our professorial community in the Music School. At the same time, I have collaborated with her on the artistic level within our concerts of Third Stream Music. In this respect I would like to praise her high professional level, results in educational field and many years of concert experience" - George Fakanas (Owner and Director of Art Music School - Odeio Technis G.B. Fakanas)

"From the moment we better acquainted professionally with Sofia, I have recognized a great artistic sensitivity in her personality. She discovered musical soul in my songs, perfectly understanding the essence of harmony that nature means for me and which I always try to  transmit to my lyrics. Her voice is like the wind which walks, while the earth, the trees and all nature enjoy her. Like a flock of birds which sing softly between the branches of the olive and almond trees, like they would have a dialogue, Sophia embrace this feast of nature. He is blessed who created the sound and song" - Alfio Antico (Sicilian musician and composer)