NEWS 2018

June 2018
Concentus Moraviae Festival
Namest nad Oslavou, Czech Republic

On June 6, 2018 Sofia Mavrogenidou will perform at the XXIII. International Music Festival Concentus Moraviae (1.6.2018 - 27.6.2018) in the Moravian city Namest nad Oslavou. This year festival, which will inter-connect 13 Moravia cities, is dedicated to the theme "Music and Humor".   

Host of the festival will be Czech composer and musicologist Milos Stedron who invited to the festival his old friends-musicians and his muses. Sofia Mavrogenidou will perform together with famed Czech musicians, such as singer Iva Bittova, harpsichordist Barbara Maria Willi and many others.  

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April 2018
Winery Petrou, Athens

Duo Arioso (Sofia Mavrogenidou - flute and Aristidis Chatzistavrou - guitar) will participate in the concert series called "5+1 Routes of the Culture" to take place on April 29, 2018 in the Winery Petrou in Pallini, Athens. 

Within the concert, which is being organized under the auspices of Pallini Town Hall, following musicians will participate: N. Tatsis, Duo Arioso, A. Tatsi, M. Kozas and P. Stamatelos. Duo Arioso will present the compositions from its classical repertoire.

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March  2018
DUO INSOMA & A. Chatzistavrou
Jazzét Café, Athens

Duo Insoma (Sofia Mavrogenidou - flute and Ingrid Sotolarova - piano) and A. Chatzistavrou (guitar) gave a concert on April 1, 2018 in a newly opened Jazzét Café in Athens. 

The concert called "From Bach to Piazzolla" brought to the audience variety of musical styles within which the audience will travel from classical baroque pieces to temperamental Latin rhytms. 

March  2018
"Idiomelo", Athens

On March 31, 2018 Duo Insoma gave a concert in the Art Centre "Idiomelo" in Marousi, Athens.

Greek flutist Sofia Mavrogenidou and Czech pianist based in Portugal Ingrid Sotolarova (Duo Insoma) are bonded not only by a lifelong friendship but also by a great love for Czech music and classical music in general. Within its Spring concert Duo Insoma brought to the audience classical compositions for flute and piano of A. Dvorak, W. A. Mozart, M. De Falla, I. Albeniz and compositions of Sofia Mavrogenidou. 

February 2018
DUO SONELLI & Fabiola Ojeda Concert
Megaron Mousikis, Athens

On February 3rd 2018 Duo Sonelli (Sofia Mavrogenidou - flute and Despina Homatidou - harpsichord) and Fabiola Ojedo (cello) gave a concert at the Megaron Mousikis in Athens.


The concert took place on the occasion of the project "Anthi tis Petras" which promotes the traditional arts and crafts of stone masters of Lagadia in Pelopennese.


To see video about the event and project Anthi tis Petras (in Greek) broadcasted in Greek National TV, click here.

January 2018
New CD "Amadeo Divino" by Milos Stedron

Sofia Mavrogenidou and Aristeidis Chatzistavrou (Duo Arioso) has been one of the featured artists in the new CD "Amadeo Divino" -  Mozartian Inspirations and Fabulations by Czech composer and musicologist Milos Stedron. Album Amadeo Divino renders tribute to the great composer W. A. Mozart in the form of a miscellany of chamber works.

Amadeo Divino features twelve artists in four Mozartian cycles, among them also "Tempi amadeani" for the flute and guitar performed by Sofia Mavrogenidou and Aristeidis Chatzistavrou. In the project participated, among others, also well know Czech musician Iva Bittova with her vocal transcription of the aria from Don Giovanni opera. The project was created with the support of the City of Brno, Czech Radio and OSA Foundation (The Copyright Protection Association for Music Rights) .

The new CD "Amadeo Divino" - Mozartian Inspirations and Fabulations contains following compositions:


Wam - Wachs I

Er muss dringend allein sein (Cycle of Mozartian songs)

Note, caccie e sospiri (Cycle of Mozartian songs)

Ah fuggi il traditor

Neue Quelle zu Alla Turca

Tempi amadeani

Wam - Wachs II

January 2018
Duo Sonelli Concert, Athens

On January 15th 2018 Duo Sonelli (Sofia Mavrogenidou - Flute and Despina Homatidou - harpsichord) and Tasos Misirlis (violoncello) gave a new concert "Nastenka and Other Stories" in Nakas Music Hall in Athens.

The program included compositions of J. S. Bach, C. Ph. E. Bach, J. Blochwitz and compositions of Sofia Mavrogenidou. For more information (in Greek) click here.

Recordings from the concert

December 2017
Duo Arioso "Ave Maria" Concert, Athens

On December 28th 2017 Duo Arioso gave a Christmas concert "Ave Maria" in the Townhall of Kifisia in Athens. The program of the concert included classical repertoire of Duo Arioso such as compositions of J. S. Bach, H. Villa - Lobos, F. Kleynjans, C. Bolling and pieces written by Greek composers Nikos Tatsis and Aris Chatzistavrou. The program included also different variations of Ave Maria from J. S. Bach, Ch. Gounod, F. Schubert, V. Vavilof and A. Piazzolla.


December 2017
"Film Noir" concert at Megaron Mousikis (Athens)

On December 4th 2017 Sofia Mavrogenidou participated in the concert "Film Noir" which was organized under the auspices of the International Foundation for Greece (IFG) in Megaron Mousikis in Athens.  In the first part of the concert Greek musician Vasilis Lekkas - which is also a Goodwill Ambassador of the Foundation - presented for the first time his new album Film Noir, while in the second part he interpreted songs from his different collaborations with major Greek composers. Special guest of the evening was Greek well known actor Maro Kontou and revenue from the concert and sales of CD "Film Noir" was offered for the purchase of heating oil for Greek schools. International Foundation for Greece supports groups of people facing serious problems during difficult period of the economic crisis that Greece is enduring. At the same time, as part of its initiatives for the promotion of Greek culture, the Foundation organizes abroad a series of concerts featuring works my major Greek composers.



October 2017
Bach Organ Autumn Music Festival, Brno (Czech Republic)

On October 29 2017 Sofia Mavrogenidou gave a concert together with Barbara M. Willi (harpsichord) at the well known "Bach Organ Autumn Music Festival". The concert, which took place traditionally in the creative environment of the Evangelical Church of J. A. Komensky (so called Red Church) in Brno, was a concluding concert of the whole Festival.


The program of concert included compositions of J. S. Bach, G. F. Händel, D. Sostakovic, Ch. Guonod, Czech composer M. Stedron as well as own compositions of S. Mavrogenidou and B. M. Willi.

Recordings from the concert
November 2017
Duo Arioso in Third Programme of The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ERT (Athens)

On November 21st 2017 Duo Arioso was invited to the Studio E (Third Programme) of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation - ERT to present its music.

The live radio broadcasting was hosted by the producer and Director of the Third Programme, Mr. Dionysis  Mallouchos and Duo Arioso presented at this occasion its artistic journey of past 25 years. For more information about the event, please click here.

October 2017
Duo Arioso Concert in Elefsina (Greece)

On October 14th 2017 Duo Arioso gave a concert in Elefsina.

The concert took place at the occasion of the Conference "Attiki Se Krisi" organized by the Greek Association of Architects.

Duo Sonelli - Recording a new project Suite "Stati d' animo"

Sofia Mavrogenidou and Despina Homatidou (harpsichord) - Duo Sonelli - are recording a new project with title Suite "Stati d'animo".

The new project contains compositions of Sofia Mavrogenidou which are being currently recorded for new CD. Duo Sonelli is preparing also series of concerts dedicated to this new project.

Stay tuned for further news!

April 2017
Duo Arioso Concert "Ave Maria" (Athens)

At the occasion of Greek Orthodox Easter the Duo Arioso gave a concert dedicated to spiritual and religious music. The program included different variations of Ave Maria from J. S. Bach, Ch. Gounod, F. Schubert, V. Vavilof and A. Piazzolla. Duo Arioso presented also compositions of J. S. Bach, H. Villa - Lobos, F. Kleynjans, C. Bolling and pieces written by Greek composers Nikos Tatsis and Aris Chatzistavrou. The concert took place on April 4th, 2017 in the Church Pammegiston Taxiarchon in Moschato.

September 2017
"Soirée de Gala" (Brussels)

On September 9th 2017 Sofia Mavrogenidou will give a concert together with Ingrid Sotolarova (piano) and A. Dumay (violin) at the Golf Club d'Hulencourt Vieux-Genappe in Brussels. There will be participating also Jehanne Piret playing harp.


The program will include compositions of J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, S. Rachmaninov, C. Franck, M. Ravel, J. Massenet, C. Bolling, V. A. Vivanco and S. Mavrogenidou.

April 2017
Presentation of CD "Arcadic Elegy" (Athens)

Duo Arioso performed at the presentation of music CD called "Arcadic Elegy" released by the Association "Anthi tis Petras", dedicated to the mason craftsmen of Lagadia in Arcadia.

The musical part of the program included performance of Duo Arioso as well as other musicians, such as Nikos Tatsis, Aggelina Tkatseva and Amalia Tatsi, who also participated in the album recording. 

The presentation took place on April 2nd, 2017 in Polis Art Cafe in Athens.

March 2017
New project Sofia Mavrogenidou & Barbara M. Willi under way

Sofia Mavrogenidou and German-Czech harpsichordist and organist Barbara M. Willi are currently preparing recording of the compositions of Czech composer Milos Stedron.

With the title "Claudio + Leo", this new project can be characterized as a dialogue between two significant composers of our times - Claudio Monteverdi and Leos Janacek.

The recording is expected to be released in 2017.

NEWS 2016

November 2016
Release of Passacaglia

In November 2016 was released "Passacaglia" sheet music in the Filippos Nakas editions in Athens.


The Passacaglia was composed by Sofia Mavrogenidou for harpsichord or piano. The composition was written in a baroque style, as a variation on the Passacaglia of G. F. Haendel. The original cover picture for the sheet music was created by talented Italian artist and dear friend Guido Borghi.


If you are interested in obtaining the Passacaglia sheet music, please click here to be redirected to Filippos Nakas editions.

September 7, 2016
Duo Arioso Concert (Thessaloniki)

On September 7, 2016 the Duo Arioso gave a concert in the Folk Art and Ethnological Museum in Thessaloniki. Duo was accompanied by musicians Aggelina Tkatseva (dulcimer), Amalia Tatsi (vocals), Christos Theodorou (piano) and Nikos Tatsis (guitar).


On the repertoire of the evening were compositions inspired by ancient Greece, classical music as well as songs of composers such as Nikos Tatsis, Aris Chatzistavrou, Manos Chatzidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Dionysos Savopoulous and others.

July 31, 2016
Duo Arioso Concert (Lagadia)

On July 31, 2016 the Duo Arioso gave a concert in beautiful Lagadia in Peloponese within the theatrical and musical event "The Ruins: Memories of Stone", organized by the association "Anthi tis Petras".


The event took place in the courtyard of Ag. Apostolon church under the artistic direction of Theodosis Papadimitropoulos. Click here to listen recording from the concert.

June 19, 2016
Baroque Trio Concert (Athens)

Italian musicians Guido Morini (harpsichord) and Rosella Croce (violin), together with Greek flautist Sofia Mavrogenidou, presented their "Baroque Trio" musical project on June 19, 2016 in Athens. The repertoire of the concert included compositions of J.S. Bach, J.J. Quantz and G. Morini.

The concert took place in Michael Cacoyannis Foundation under the auspices of Italian Institute in Athens and Townhall of Moschato-Tavros.

April 23, 2016
Duo Arioso Concert (Brussels)

In April 23, 2016 the Duo Arioso gave a concert "Music Without Borders" in Brussels, Belgium within the Hulencourt Art Project Festival.

The concert took place in Salle Bruegel du Golf Club d'Hulencourt Brussels. Click here to listen recording from the concert.

April 15, 2016
Duo Arioso Concert (Veroia)

Duo Arioso presented its project called "Music of the World" in the Art Center "Sarafoglou" in Veroia, Northern Greece.

The concert was organized under the auspices of the City of Veroia, within its series of Cultural and Artistic Programme for 2016. Click here to listen recording from the concert.

January 23, 2016
Duo Arioso Concert (Athens)

Duo Arioso gave a concert in January 23, 2016 in the historical premises of the Anglican Church of Saint Paul in Athens.

The concert of Duo Arioso was part of the "2016 Music Moments in Saint Paul" series of events organized by the Specs 'n' Arts and Arte Atene production.

January 2016
Release of CD "Invisible Borders" - DUO ARIOSO

In January 2016 Duo Arioso released CD "Invisible Borders". The album is the result of a long musical journey which started in 1992 and continues to this day. With 12 compositions presenting work of Sibelius, Villa Lobos, Carlevaro, Morel, Machado, Piazzolla, Granados, Kleynjans and Chatzistavrou, the Duo Ariso takes you to many places around the world and invites you to the magical world of the guitar and the flute.

The CD "Invisible Borders" was officially presented by composer Notis Mavroudis and producer Sofoklis Sapounas on January 16, 2016 in IANOS (Athens).